How We Help Children and Familieis

As a parent, you are not alone. As children grow, many families need help with behavioral and mental health issues. Our team has expertise in a wide variety of concerns:

  • Anger and Stress Management – Much like adults, children experience stress in their lives and often need new tools to manage difficult situations.
  • Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) – Children with ADHD generally have problems paying attention or concentrating and are easily bored or frustrated; treatments may or may not include medication.
  • Autism – Autism has many different forms (this is called the autism spectrum); our experts help with therapies to help children function better.
  • Behavior Management – Defying rules and disruptive behavior not only impacts family functioning, but can also lead to patterns that must be addressed to avoid falling behind in school.
  • Child Abuse – Children who have experienced abuse need focused assistance and healing.
  • Depression and Anxiety – Childhood and adolescent depression are common concerns which often respond well to treatment and therapy.
  • Divorce and Life Transitions – Changes in family structure or relationships can lead to short- and long-term mental health concerns for children; trained counselors can help families cope.
  • Eating Disorders/Childhood Obesity – Treating eating disorders/obesity often involves addressing emotional issues, as well as unusual behaviors associated with weight and/or food.
  • Family Issues – Children are attuned to family dynamics and may need assistance in dealing with stress or conflict within the home.
  • Loss and Grief – Children’s reaction to grief can take many forms and often need the help of experienced counselors.
  • Parenting – Raising children is not easy, especially in our complex world; we provide short and long-term parenting support.
  • Trauma/Post-Traumatic Stress – When distressing life events occur, getting mental health assistance is important for all members of the family.
  • Relationship Building and Social Skills – Building confidence in one’s relationships is an essential childhood skill that sometimes needs the support of counselors and other mental health experts.

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