About Strong Families, Strong Children

Man in military uniform holding a child's hand
Man in military uniform holding a child's hand

We believe that Orange County’s veteran and military-connected families deserve the support they need to build strong, healthy, resilient families - regardless of discharge status. Since 2015, Strong Families, Strong Children (SFSC) has helped military-connected families with children to access a number of free support services through the collaboration of its five non-profit partner agencies. Each partner brings its own specialized expertise to offer these families access to free support services and programs to help them thrive.

Strong Families, Strong Children was formed in 2013 to address the service gap for veteran and military-connected children and families in Orange County. Child Guidance Center, the lead agency, partnered with three non-profit organizations – Human Options, Families Forward and Children and Family Futures– to form the SFSC Collaborative. Veteran Legal Institute later joined the collaborative. Since services began in July 2015, SFSC has helped more than 200 children and their families in Orange County.

Our team understands the unique challenges of military and veteran families; from deployment or returning home, to dealing with injury and loss, to parenting and maintaining personal relationships. That’s because each of our Peer Navigators and Clinical Case Managers have either served in the military themselves or have a military-connected family member. We offer special programs and services – all free of charge – to address these unique needs. Our programs emphasize a coordinated, community-based approach to ensure military families receive comprehensive, culturally sensitive mental health and basic needs services.

Orange County’s military and veteran-connected families have made great sacrifices to serve and protect our country and it’s our honor to serve them.


Our Mission

To improve the health and well-being of veterans, military families and children throughout Orange County by engaging the community, building resiliency, and creating safer, more stable home environments

Collaborative Partners

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