Child Guidance Center

To empower children, youth, and families to reach their full potential through innovative mental health programs and services
We believe in helping every child grow up healthy -and that includes effectively addressing emotional and behavioral health needs during the early years. In fact, the sooner families get support for mental health concerns, the better they can ensure a life-time of well-being. For us, children’s mental health is as important as their physical well-being. We are here to help children and parents in our communities achieve healthier, better balanced lives.
Child Guidance Center for Families and Children

How We Help
Children & Families

Discover our programs and services that can get your family started on the right path.
Career Help for Mental Health Professionals
Learn about the mental health services we offer and how to refer children and families.
How those who want to help a child can support a better life
Support Child Guidance Center through your financial giving and volunteering.
For every child who needs help
Make a difference in the life of a child
Please consider how you can join our mission to provide the highest quality mental health services to our communities most vulnerable youth. Contact us to talk about corporate giving, private donations or other contribution opportunities. We also have volunteer engagement opportunities throughout the year. Please check out our current volunteer opportunities.
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